Learning an instrument requires individual attention to many details: posture, hand position, finger position, phrasing, dynamics, and confidence. At Studio 26 the goal is to make piano lessons fun and exciting, while learning all the necessary techniques. From children to adults each lesson is designed for the students personal needs. Studies have shown that children who have received piano instruction enhance their brain performance, boost memory and concentration skills. 

According to the American Chronicle, Learning piano is a perfect stimuli to prevent "brain sluggishness" due to it´s unique gradually progressive, and intensely concentrated communication between your brain, your eyes, both hands, all 10 fingers, your feet, calculation of rhythm, isolated muscle pressure, vocalizing and all this with precise execution, simultaneously at exact timed intervals, only split seconds apart. This high intensity lasts throughout an entire song, not to mention all the previous hours of practice!” 

Learn music theory, progressional theory, music history, and ear training.
Practice tools and fun ideas to keep children focused & motivated!
We will explore pitch, rhythm, vocal agility, music theory, diaphragmatic control and support, vowel placement, breath control, release without strain, and vibrato. Learn songs in various genres and use different vocal techniques to express yourself authentically and with musicality! Lessons consist of vocal exercises  to help with students needs and issues. We will work on a song of your choice, and work on all of the proper techniques to get your voice relaxed so you reach your peak potential. Using a speech singing method we work on open throat singing to promote healthy vocal use. 

Studio 26 works with all ranges of singers, from students who have no prior vocal training, to students who are working professionals. Each student has different needs, and my goal is to meet them. I do not force students to work on songs they do not love. Music should be experienced as a wonderful gift, and should never be forced upon someone. The ultimate goal is to get students singing to their peak potential, while promote healthy singing.
​​​The Junior Glee Club & Show Choir are both fun upbeat classes that incorporates singing, dancing and acting. Junior Glee has classes for girls and boys ranging from 4-10, while the Show Choir (auditioned class) is for girls and boys ranging from 8-11 & 11-17. Students will learn basic choreography, and basic vocal techniques. All levels are encouraged to participate. Students sing and dancing to up-beat popular songs from hip-hop to broadway!

Students will perform at a recital at the end of each semester, and possible other venues throughout the semester.


SUMMER CAMP 2019: dates coming soon!

REGISTRATION WILL OPEN December 19th for Spring 2019!
Tuesday 6:20-6:50p (Ages 4-6)
                                   Tuesdays  6:55-7:40 (Ages 7-10)                                  
Thursdays 5:50-6:20p (Ages 4-6)   
Thursdays 6:25-6:55p (Ages 4-6) .

SHOW CHOIR (Ages 8-11 & 11-18)-Audition:
Tuesdays 7:45-8:45p* (Ages 11-18)

Thursday 7-7:45p* (Ages 8-11)

Thursdays 7:45-8:45 p* (Ages 11-18) 

This coming semester we will be learning everything from A cappella pieces to fun Disney songs, with
harmonies and choreography! 
*These classes will audition for the opportunity to perform on stage for 10+ minutes 
​at one of the Disneyland Parks during the first week of October break 2019​, and attend a performance workshop!


Parent and Toddler Music Class 

Friday's 9:15-10a.m.

Willy's Bagels Balfour location.